Visual Arts

All students at Belmore School participate in weekly Visual Art classes. The Visual Arts programme combines a range of art activities and art/sensory materials to stimulate student’s sensory needs, imagination, language  and gross and fine motor skills.  We aim to create a range of activities that help students to explore and participate. Through co-active assistance students are given opportunities to make choices and decisions about their artworks and they are encouraged to work towards building independence.

Art activities enjoyed at Belmore School include; painting, drawing, collage, textiles, ceramics, 2 and 3 dimensional artworks, box constructions, mixed-media artworks etc. The language of art embedded in the Visual Arts programme is based on the Arts Elements; colour, line, tone, shape, form, texture, balance, contrast.  Students create artworks that reflect the school themes, and students create artworks to celebrate community events.



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